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Whether you're planning on moving to France, coming on holiday, or are just curious, look no further: you're in the right place!
I’m offering you the chance to learn to speak useful and fluent French!

☼ Prior knowledge or not, it doesn't matter. My method is versatile as it is based on techniques instead of on rigid lesson plans.
► However, although tested and approved by many a learner and inspired by neuroscience, my method may require you to reassess your knowledge and question the way you learn. It is not rocket science, but it does require a real commitment and openness on your part.

► Why me? ◄
► Because I'm a native speaker and I’m perfectly aware of the gap between the French you learn and the French we speak as I’m confronted with it every single day. That's why I make it a point of honour to teach you real French, and trust me or not, THIS will make a difference for you.
► Because I know that we are repeatedly told that French is a difficult language to learn, and to some extent there’s a bit of truth to this, and that’s precisely why I’m committed to breaking and boiling French down to make it easier and digestible to you.
► Because with my approach to teaching, you won’t just be learning French. You’ll learn how to learn effectively, which will give you greater independence as well as skills that you can use in a whole host of other areas/school subjects!

☼ A glimpse into what you can expect:
1- Real life conversations together and extracting the vocabulary and the grammar you need from these conversations.
Why? Because that's precisely how you'll both learn truly useful vocabulary and gain incredible confidence.
2- Clarifying these grammar points using active learning: you'll have to rack your brains to find clues and make hypotheses, which I'll guide you through to help you solve the riddles of French.
3- Practising this fresh knowledge using games and fun activities.
4- Learning a lot and gain confidence in your ability to communicate in French.

☼ And between our lessons, I'll give you extra material to keep studying and applying what we’ve seen, in full autonomy, at your own pace.

► Problem? Solution!
Having learnt 3 languages fluently, I know the frustration that their learning can cause! Even today, sometimes a word won’t come to my mind when I need it or I doubt about a grammar point! We can never know a language 100% and, what’s the worst that can happen? Being misunderstood? Taking refuge in English? Stammering? Being made fun of? Getting a bad grade? Missing out on a promotion?

► So, what are the “solutions” to avoid?
X Hiring a student will certainly allow you to pay less, but you’ll also make slower progress as you won’t benefit from years of experience and optimisation of private lessons.
X What’s more, learning through practising French is not the same as simply practising French, and it’s a fine nuance that you acquire with experience.
X Learning French by yourself is very limited as it is most likely going to lead you to either have a very poor pronunciation or to speak in an outmoded way… or both.
X Relying on speaking in English is hardly going to lead you somewhere, since the French are overall bad at it.
☼ That’s why I’m offering you my services : because I know the value of what I have to offer you ;)

► The results:
Over all these years of private tuition, all of my students have gained confidence in their ability to communicate in French and have acquired solid knowledge that they can and do rely on when in doubt. In other words, they have become more autonomous and this has enabled them to space out or even stop our sessions altogether!

☼ You too can benefit from my help and keep your professional horizons open by becoming independent in French! So don’t wait any longer: my method will help you make rapid progress... but only if you take the plunge
Ma description :
☼ Et enfin, un peu plus sur moi :
1) Diplômée notamment d’un Master en enseignement des langues étrangères (FLE) par l’Université de Poitiers, j’ai décidé de ne pas passer le concours de l’éducation nationale car j’ai malheureusement trop conscience de ses failles.
Au contraire, j’enseigne en cours particuliers (ou en petits groupes) afin d’apporter un accompagnement adapté aux besoins et au rythme de chaque apprenant, dans un cadre de confiance et de bienveillance, et ce, peu importe l’âge.

2) J’ai vécu et étudié en France et en Norvège ; puis j’ai travaillé comme enseignante de français aux Pays-Bas (École Européenne) et en Espagne, dans des collèges/lycées. J’ai également enseigné le français au Centre Zenith à Bezon où j’ai préparé plusieurs apprenants au passage du DELF B1.

3) Depuis 2018 j’enseigne le français, l’anglais et le norvégien, et j’ai actuellement plus de 1200 heures de cours particuliers à mon actif, dont la majorité en ligne, de 8 à 67 ans !

4) J’ai moi-même appris plusieurs langues (anglais, espagnol, norvégien et maintenant italien). Ainsi, en croisant mes diplômes, mon expérience personnelle et professionnelle, j’ai permis à des dizaines d'élèves d’apprendre ou de fortifier leurs connaissances du français, de l'anglais et du norvégien ; de passer avec succès des examens clefs en langue française ; d’être plus à l’aise dans leur vie quotidienne en France et de réaliser leur rêve de s'expatrier en Norvège !

5) J'ai aussi créé une page Instagram, TikTok et YouTube dédiée à l'apprentissage du français et de la culture française ! @Langualicia_

6) Mes centres d'intérêts sont :
Livres, voyages, psychologie, spiritualité, animaux et nature, végétarisme/véganisme, dessin, peinture et activités manuelles, astrologie, développement personnel, jeux de société et jeux de cartes, danse, randonnée, montagne… Globalement, je suis quelqu’un de curieux et d’ouvert d’esprit, peu importe le sujet !
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Cours particuliers d'Anglais à Paris (75007) avec Alicia L .

Ton anglais est rouillé, voire carrément envolé, mais tu as décidé de t’y remettre pour de vrai ? Tu as des cours d’anglais à l’école mais ça ne te satisfait pas tout à fait ? Peut-être parce que tu ressens des difficultés ou au contraire, parce que tu adores cette langue et tu as soif d’en apprendre davantage ? ☼ Ne cherche plus, tu es au bon e...

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