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Cours particuliers avec Jonathan Anukem P (Abidjan - 00225)

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I am a reliable and enthusiastic biligual teacher (French & English); with more than 10 years experience as a bilingual interpreter and translator, I teach students how to speak and write in French, developing a range of assessments including written and oral tests, and creating an overall positive learning experience. I am able to work with students who have different capabilities and interests.

I am able to demonstrate patience, passion, and excellent analytical skills while identifying students’ strengths and weaknesses and apply innovative approaches to language teaching.
Autres matières de Jonathan Anukem P . :
Cours particuliers d'Anglais à Abidjan (00225) avec Jonathan Anukem P .

Learning a language does not depend on a particular location, but developping the love and desire to learn a particular language while building a conducive learning environment, is the key to easy learning.

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