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Hello, my name is Laura. I'm from Barcelona(Spain). Next summer I will come to live in Clamart (France) and I would love to give English and Spanish classes to children, teenagers or adults.
In May I will finish my degree of Primary Education (Bilingual Plan), that is the main reason I will like to start looking for a job related to my studies and what I love in the area of Paris.
My teaching philosophy is dynamic, fun and meaningful. My main goal is to motivate people while learning.
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Cours particuliers d'Anglais à Clamart (92140) avec Bofarull L.

I have been teaching children for 6 years, particular and common classes in a primary school. Apart from that, I have been studying for one year in the United States of America. I want to learn more by teaching people in an other European culture in order to learn from another culture.

Primaire Collége Lycée Supérieur

Je peux recevoir mes élèves
Je peux me déplacer

Cours particuliers d'Espagnol à Clamart (92140) avec Bofarull L.

My home town is Valls, a city next to Barcelona (Spain). My mother tongue is Spanish, so I am fully prepared to teach such language. Apart from that, I studied Primary Education.

Primaire Collége Lycée

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